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Celebrating its First Decade: 10th-Anniversary

1.20.2020 // Shenzhen, China. From small beginnings to a now global reach, Sades, a gaming peripherals brand, went through an exciting journey which proved to be a roller-coaster. In an interview, Dame Deng, Sades international sales manager, looked back at the brand's first 10 years and shared some of the important moments of the brand ever since it was established.

Q: Really curious to know. What's the story behind the Sades name?

A: Sades (pronounced as sae-des) came from the brand's Chinese name [赛德斯] which means 'Good/Honorable Sense of Gaming'. This name represents our brand's core value - to empower our customers to game with honor. We treasure this value as its a very necessary compliment towards our mission of growing together with gamers and is exactly the reason why we continue to strive for the best quality gear fit for every gaming soul.

Q: The gaming industry has boomed these last 10 years. How was the journey like for Sades?

A: Our company has been manufacturing pc peripherals way before the gaming industry rose. On January 4, 2012, we created our own brand - Sades, with the goal of providing opportunites to every gamer to a high-quality gaming experience without breaking the bank. Being an underwolf [underdog], it was a very tough mountain as Sades literally started from 'scratch'. With absolutely no-brand experience, we learned lots of lessons and managed to overcome obstacles which led us to where we are today - an international brand catering to millions of gamers from over 40+ countries across the world. For these 10 years, we're proud of what we have achieved so far, but we know we still have a long way to go. We thank our loyal fans, our partners and our teams - all part of our Wolf Pack, for all the support they've given us. Truly they are one with us in our mission of growing together with gamers.

Q: Why do you call your partners and customers the 'wolfpack'?

A: Wolves are born hunters and their hunter instincts, we think, are the same to gamers. Just like wolves, gamers hunt for their ingame survival. They hunt for resources, stats, and items as a part of their gameplay experience.

We, as Sades wolves, have a mission of growing together with gamers. Along this journey, we realized our partners and customers has the same wolf inside of them.. and as we consider them our family, we'd like to call them our Wolfpack.

Q: What has been some memorable experiences and challenging situations for you?

A: There were many memorable experiences for us, but partnering with different pro teams and collaborating with several gaming events were the first things to mind. One of the most exciting moments was partnering with Kingzone Dragon X during the LCK 2018 Summer tournament - they emerged as the champions and we were very proud of their achievement.

As for the challenges, we're still trying to figure out how to differentiate the Sades Economic version products which has been out in the market for quite some time already from our well-established International version gear. We're really keen on pushing out the international version as this showcases the best of our products and the customer support that comes after.

In order to satisfy inquiries from more and more gaming streamers, we would add one more new gaming category. For sure, these will be very cost-efficient for everyone out there similar to our current product line up.

Aside from all these, we're also hosting several gaming events exclusive to our Wolfpack. Make sure to join us on our Facebook group for more details.


-End of interview-

Hitting this key milestone was truly just the beginning for the brand. Sades certainly looks forward to #growingtogetherwithgamers a lot more in the future!

For more details and updates about Sades, you can check out their website at or follow the brand's official global social media channels: @sadesesports.

Q: Can you share some of your plans for the years to come?

A: We certainly have fun surprises coming in especially for this year. We would continue to sponsor esports events and teams, even during this COVID-19 season. I understand that gaming would not be affected by anything as its easy for us to play online.

We also have just released new colors for the Sades Spirits, plus some new gaming headsets would be launched soon. Also, we would start to enter the "wireless world".

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