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Akimbo wireless gaming mouse supports both wireless and wired usage with its ultra-lightweight body, quick response, long battery life and stylish RGB lighting.

Battle Ram

SADES Battle Ram is a gaming combo set with combination of 104-key full size RGB membrane keyboard, right-hand RGB mouse and mousepad.

Neo Whistle

Neo Whistle is a versatile membrane gaming keyboard packed with floating keycaps, durable metallic panel and 6 illumination RGB modes.


Draw the Revolver and take advantage of its ambidextrous build for all-around comfort and control. Its gaming-optimized features are sure to satisfy your demand.


Swing the Axe, brings your FPS gameplay into a brand new level. Featuring five strategically-placed customizable buttons, Axe could aid you to shooting rounds with ease.


The SADES Hailstorm is a durable waterproof mousepad which features our signature wolf pattern in a unique camouflage design.

SICKLE (limited)

Sickle is an enhanced mechanical gaming keyboard packed with 10 illumination modes, floating keypads and RGB side-lighting.

Frost Staff (limited)

Frost Staff is a RGB mechanical gaming keyboard equipped with 18 illumination modes, advanced optical switches and unique integrated wrist rest.

Neo Blademail (limited)

The Neo Blademail is a membrane gaming keyboard. The sturdy metallic plate, splash proof function and RGB backlight makes it the perfect first gaming keyboard.

SCYTHE (limited)

The Scythe brings excellent performance in response, tracking and precision in all FPS Game Titles. It allows consumers to customize function and lighting modes.

GUNBLADE (limited)

The Gunblade is a snappy optical gaming mouse. It has 4-level DPI adjustment, programmable buttons, comfortable ergonomic handle and precise control.

MUSKET (limited)

The MUSKET is a premium optical gaming mouse with precise sensor. It has the reasonable buttons layout and ergonomic shape. There are 5 colors products available.


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