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SADES IN E3 2018

E3 2018 took place on June 12 - June 14, in Los Angeles, California South Exhibit Hall. This grand event in gaming industry attracts a bunch of gaming fans.

Game development companies, Gaming peripheral companies, cosplayers and many gaming relevant organizations/practitioners took part in this big event, sharing the latest ideas, products and technologies to the participants. Amazing and exciting artist works and peripherals were also displayed at the spot, showing the amazing imagination and exception of human beings.

SADES also joined this event to celebrate this gaming carnival, preparing the latest products for gamers to play and experience. On the last day in E3 2018, SADES held the SADES DAY to give away SADES products to the winners of the Lucky Draw.

Thanks for all the visitors coming to SADES booth.

It was glad that we spend happy hour with the SADES Wolf Packs.


Growing together with gamers!

See you in next event soon.




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