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SADES New Staff Alert: Gaming Headset ZPOWER

Jan 2022, Shenzhen, China //Sades, a global gaming brand known best for their optimal cost-to-performance gaming peripherals,is kicking off 2022 with its gaming headset ZPOWER. Combining the best build features of two of Sades’ best-selling devices, this gaming headset is sure to give you more courage and energy in the name of Zeus’power.


Equipping with the well-liked design of the SADES Gpower’s foldable mic, it is easy to be concealed when not needed. It also adapts with Dpower’s earcup controls. By adjusting the buttons on the earcup, you can easily control the sound volume, turn on or off the microphone function according to different requirements. Addtionally, its durable braided cable are solid and easy to be collected. 


The all-new 90-degree swiveling earcups can be rototated within 90 degrees flexibily. It could be conveniently placed or hung up on your neck in a more comfortable position during game break. Plus, it build with skin-friendly soft earmuffs and adjustable headband, which are made of premium leatherette. The soft earmuffs wrap your ears perfectly. And the thickened cushion on the adjustable headband contributes a lot to relieve the stress on your head.

Even with all these features, this headset weights only 238g.


The Zpower delivers crisp stereo sound from its 40 mm speakers, transforming virtual moments into very realistic gaming experiences, which make the gamers felt on the spot in person.


The SADES Zpower shines in three various color options: Classic Black and Blue, Angel Edition Pink and a PS5 Themed Black and White design, which makes it a gardget with both excellent performanace and fashion.

To learn more about ZPOWER, please click You can also follow the brand on social media: @SadesEsports for gaming content and fun surprises!

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