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New Product New Expectation:ROAMER

Roamer is characterized by its user-friendly, Bypass function, stable and true wireless listening experience .

We would like to share several its main features as below .

Transmitting function 

TV, PC, AV receiver, TV box, etc. can output to the transmitter box through optical fiber, 3.5mm, RCA audio, and transmit the audio wirelessly to the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker

 Receive function 

Bluetooth enabled wired speakers, wired speakers, home theater, etc. Wirelessly receive audio from any Bluetooth audio device (eg PC, mobile phone, etc.).


If you only have one optical output from the TV already occupied by the soundbar, you can use the BYPASS function. What's more, your family can enjoy the TV simultaneously via Bluetooth headphones and wired speakers, with independent volume controls.

Child lock function

Prevent children from misoperation, considerate child lock function

Of course, this new product has more than these functions. For more information about this product, let us look forward to its release.

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