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SADES Gamecon PH 2019

SADES Gamecon PH 2019 just finished the 1/3 “Fighting for a Dream” Series Events. “Forever Youth” made the Philippines crazy about SADES. 

During the two days between April 6 and April 7, thousands of gamers / customers / cosplayers came to visit SADES booth. These made SADES more popular in Philippine market. Because of the event, SADES brand starts to seize the hearts of our young players.

The most exciting moment is the SADES Raffle Draws. We gave away all the products on the booth, including high value and newest products of keyboards, headsets, mice, chairs and a gaming table. No wonder people waited for more than 2 hours just to get SADES prizes.

We hate to say Goodbye for too long. The 2/3 “Fighting for a Dream” Series Event “Happy Spirits” will land in Los Angeles Convention Center, USA in Jun.11-13, 2019. We prepare more surprises for our visitors, not just SADES Raffle Draws but live games.


Is it too late to wait? Let’s get the tickets ready. :)

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