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June 11th  2016 – June 12th  2016, SADES & LONGZHU TEAM Fans Meeting was held in ESR Gaming Hall, 6 floor Syntrend, Taiwan. 

It was an exciting event for LONGZHU TEAM fans and E-Sports gamers. During the event, fans got autographs and handshakes from LONGZHU TEAM members.

The famous coser Leaf in Taiwan hosted this event, and gathered with other 4 famous Taiwan cosers( Beryl, Julia, HedY and Garuda) to have a friendship competition with fans on the second day of the event. Visitors could take photo with the cosers and play games with them.

Growing together with gamers!

Leaf (the famous coser in Taiwan) hosted the event

Cosers held the cosplay show

LONGZHU TEAM was playing games

The commentators were giving the commentary on the games

Cosers were playing games

The representative of SADES gave the customized hats and T-shirt to LONGZHU TEAM in the event, announcing that SADES will provide the gaming peripherals to LONGZHU Team as a sponsor.

LONGZHU TEAM got the customized hat and T-shirt

Exciting SADES products were available for checking out. We’ve brought different kinds of products for visitors and gamers, such as headset, keyboard, mouse and mouse pads. The superb DIY Cooling Solution Case with the TUTANKHAMUN transparent glasses and RGB fans decoration was also displayed.

SADES Products 

SADES Cooling Solution Case

Visitors were experiencing the SADES products

Visitors were experiencing the SADES products

SADES has arranged the VIP Room for providing service. VIP could play the games with SADES latest products and get soft drinks for free. Visitors wearing customized T-Shirt were also treated as VIPs and had opportunities to gain the gifts, special discount and autographs.



Peripherals in VIP room

SADES is always happy to have fun with gamers and consumers. Looking forward to meeting fans in the next event soon!

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