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Whisper is born for long time gaming. Its superior built-in features can eliminate all the gaming distraction and offer you a fully immersive experience.

Wings 20

Wings 20 is an awesome wingman that helps gamers to immerse themselves into the game anywhere they go.


Ppower features advanced audio control box, you can instantly engage surround sound, mute the mic, and adjust mic and headphone output levels. 


Carrier wireless gaming headset provides fantastic audios with distinctive appearance, noise-reduction microphone and extremely comfortable wearing experience.


Combining the best build features of two of Sades’ best-selling devices, this gaming headset is sure to give you more courage and energy in the name of Zeus’s power.

Wings 10

Wings 10 is designed with gaming audio specially on mobile devices with 3.5mm jack. Comes with a pretty carrying box, it ensures you could game on everywhere.

Wings 100

Wings 100 provides a smart True Wireless gaming experience - boasting a fast 50ms delay and 33hrs of battery life.


Shaman learning & gaming headset is especially designed for teenagers with learning & gaming modes, flexible microphone & earcups and comfortable wearing experience.


High quality and durable headband and leather muffs make the Spirits comfortable to wear for longer esports and online gaming.

Dpower (limited)

Dpower delivers stereo sound with soft earmuffs, easy operation and wide applications.


Mpower is a multi-platform headset delivering excellent stereo sound on the majority of gaming devices. It is comfortable to wear for long time gaming.


The SADES A2 angel edition is one of our multi-platform headsets with trendy look and clear sound. The adjustable swivel-to-mute microphone performs better in picking up your voice.


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