The SADES Scythe gaming mouse brings excellent performance in response, tracking and precision in all FPS Game Titles. With 7 programmable buttons, 11 RGB lighting modes, on the fly DPI shifting and macro setting, the SADES Scythe is one of the most desired ergonomic gaming mice in the market.

Rubber Mouse Scroll Wheel

It is smooth to scroll and reach the right position precisely.

DPI Shift Button

4 DPI value are available by clicking this button. The indicator light will blink 3 times when you change the DPI.

SADES RGB Lighting

There are 11 RGB lighting modes available, making Scythe the eye-catching gaming gear on your desk.

Sniper Button & Side Duo Buttons

The optimized sniper button allows you switch the DPI on-the-fly. Press it to match mouse speed to gameplay demands instantly. The default function of these 2 buttons is Forward/Backward.

Non-slip Side Grip

The non-slip side grip provides bigger space for placing thumb and makes it easier for gamers to operate the buttons at side.


  • Stylish Appearance
    The RGB lighting of Scythe is the sharp contrast to the black mouse shell, making the mouse an eye-catching gaming peripherals on your desk.
  • Comfortable to Handle
    Scythe is designed to fits most of grip-style, hand shape and size, making gamers to continue dominating without any strain on hand.
  • Reasonable Buttons Design and Layout
    The left/right click button with omron switches inside (with lifetime up to 20 million clicks) allows Scythe to be used for a long period. 7 buttons are placed well, which makes the individual buttons easy to be identified in a short time and reduces wrong clicks.
  • Precise to Control
    Equipped with the Pixart A3050 sensor and optimized sniper button, Scythe performs well in speed, accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Customizable Design
    ·All the buttons on Scythe are programmable, allowing you to modify the mouse setting to execute your instructions in games more easily.
    ·Scythe has 4-level adjustable DPI setting, having gamers to select the most suitable DPI quickly.
    ·The Scythe software allows import/export files, in order to save your time on resetting mouse before starting another game.



    Ergonomic, Right-Handed

    Grip Style: Palm, Claw, Fingertip

    Buttons: 7

    Length: 132.2 mm/5.20 in

    Width: 74 mm/2.91 in

    Height: 40.7 mm/1.60 in

    Cable Length: Approx. 1.8 m/5.91 in

    Input Plug: USB Plug

    Built-in Memory: 32k built-in memory


    Sensor Name: Pixart A3050

    Sensor Type: Optical

    CPI: 250-4,000

    Refresh Rate: 6,000 f/s

    Maximum Acceleration: 30 g

    Maximum Speed: 60 in/s

    Report Rate: 125/250/500/1000


    Mouse Speed

    Scrolling Speed

    Double-Click Speed

    11 RGB Lighting Modes

    7 Programmable Buttons


    Weight(Mouse only): 135±5 g/0.29 lb

    Weight (Mouse & Package): 300g/0.66lb

    Box Size: 85*66*165mm/3.35*2.60*6.50 in

    EAN CODE: 6956766907807



    Guarantee Card

    User Manual


    Windows:7 / 8 / 10

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