The Gunblade is a snappy optical gaming mouse. 4-level adjustable DPI setting and report rate setting are available for precise control. It offers programmable buttons and comfortable ergonomic handle. Optional backlit mode and DPI Indicator light are designed to enhance gaming atmostphere. It could be your essential computer accessory to skyrocket your performance.

Changable 8-color Backlit

The 8-color backlit has standard, breathing and neon mode for enhancing gaming atmosphere.

Customizable Indicator Light

The value and indicator light of DPI is customizable. There are 7 colors for selection, no light mode is also available. The indicator light will change once you switch DPI value.

Special Side Design

The combination of honeycomb pattern and nonslip rubber at both side keeps your fingers at the right position.

Precise and Smooth Scroll Wheel

The rubber scroll wheel works smoothly and reaches the exact position quickly.


  • Ultra-comfortable Ergonomical Shape
    Gunblade is designed according to ergonomics, and offers ultra-comfortable handle. It fits most of grip-style, hand shape and size, which enables you to continue dominating without any strain on your hand, even during the most taxing of gaming marathons.
  • Reasonable Buttons Layout
    8 buttons are placed well based on the habit of using fingers, which makes it easier and faster to identify the individual buttons with less misclicks.
  • Pratical Nonslip Design
    Unique design with honeycomb pattern at both sides increases friction, helping you boots your in-game precision and accuracy!
  • Durable and Comfortable Surface Material
    Smooth plastic on the front and skin-friendly rubber on sides makes your palms and fingers comfortable.
  • Customizable Design
    Except left click button, other buttons are programmable on Gunblade. You can customize your mouse setting to react quickly even during intense gaming and strike your rival before he acts. Gunblade has 4-level adjustable DPI setting, enabling gamers to select the most suitable DPI quickly.



    Ergonomic, Right-Handed

    Grip Style: Palm, Claw, Fingertip

    Buttons: 8

    Length: 129 mm

    Width: 67.5 mm

    Height: 40 mm

    Cable Length: Approx. 1.8 m

    Weight(Mouse only): 160g/0.35lbs

    Input Plug: USB Plug


    Sensor Name: Avago A3050

    Sensor Type: Optical

    CPI: 250-4,000

    Refresh Rate: 4,500 f/s

    Maximum Acceleration: 20g

    Maximum Speed: 60 in/s

    Report Rate: 125/250/500/1000


    Mouse Speed

    Scrolling Speed

    Double-Click Speed

    Multiple DPI Setting

    Programmable Buttons

    DPI Indicator Light Color Option: 7 colors

    8-color Backlit Mode Options: Standard, Breathing, Neon


    Weight(Mouse only): 160 g/0.35 lb

    Weight (Mouse & Package): 300 g/ 0.66lb

    Box Size: 140*60*160 mm/5.51*2.36*6.30 in

    EAN Code: 6956766907548/6956766907555



    Guarantee Card

    User Manual

    Driver CD


    Windows:7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10


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